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Chicago, IL – (July 18th, 2023) – Brace yourself for some mind-boggling synchronicity! The new TV series "Act of Faith" has found itself at the center of an odd coincidence, leaving audiences and critics intrigued. The show's creators, Jeremy Swanton, Kyle Reid Hass, and Dana Norris, have been accused of leveraging psychic abilities after their show's storyline unexpectedly mirrored a real-life gay rights scandal that came to light at a local theater company. Astoundingly, the creators wrote about this very issue in their series a year prior to the news breaking, leaving many to wonder if their foresight extends beyond the realm of fiction. As the story broke, the creators found themselves in the spotlight, playfully addressing the accusations and shedding light on their creative process.


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When asked about the jaw-dropping resemblance, Jeremy Swanton, one of the masterminds behind "Act of Faith," couldn't help but laugh. "Believe it or not, we were just as surprised as everyone else,” said Swanton. “We didn’t have a crystal ball or supernatural powers, and we never had insider information about the controversy on the horizon; it was all a matter of chance."


Kyle Reid Hass, another co-creator of the series, added, "We created 'Act of Faith' to shed light on important social issues, such as the sort of religiously-motivated discrimination we’re unfortunately seeing play out in real life. But, we did not know our story would align so closely with actual events. If anything, we wondered if our plot was more applicable to the past than the present.”


Dana Norris, the third creative force behind "Act of Faith," quickly reassured everyone that their show isn't some psychic manifesto. "I was like, ‘let's not jump to wild conclusions here!’ Our aim was to shed light on vital social matters and ignite conversations. None of us boast clairvoyance as a ‘special skill.’ It's a testament to the relevance and timeliness of the issues we explore in 'Act of Faith.' Discrimination unfortunately persists, and our goal is to bring awareness and encourage change."


"Act of Faith'' has already begun to garner acclaim for its blend of fast-paced storytelling, laugh-out-loud comedy and a nuanced depiction of social issues. The show revolves around a local children’s theater and the challenges faced by its employees. The team’s ability to tackle sensitive topics with compassion and humor has resonated with early audiences, attracting a growing fan base with a thought-provoking story and strong ensemble cast. The show's unexpected connection to the real world serves as a reminder of the impact that art can have on society, even when unintentionally echoing real-life events. You can stream season one of “Act of Faith” for free! Visit to watch now on the platform of your choice.


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