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A message from Act of Faith's creators

Hello Everyone!We're pleased to meet you & we hope you enjoy our show. We know we're new on the scene and we're looking forward to building a relationship with our audience. We made season one on a shoestring budget from a place of passion, taking big risks because we believed in our concept & characters. We lucked out with the world's most gracious cast & crew, who had a shared vision for what our show could be and were willing to be flexible and patient with us to get the job done. Here's where you come in. We believe in serving our audience. This isn't about the three of us, it's about all of us. So, now that it's out there, we want to know: do you scrape the first season? What about it makes you scrape it? Feedback from our "Scrapers" will make the show better. Your voice can help us make an impact... because... to quote Velma Kelly... we simply cannot do it alone.

(the whole "scrape" thing only makes sense if you've seen the show so bear with us if you haven't)

Here are a couple ways to get involved...


Write Us!

Email us at and we'll be sure to get back to you. In the event that our inbox gets too full, we'll post an update here, but as of right now we can commit to reading and responding to all emails sent to that address. 


By sending in your feedback, you can help us better understand what we're doing right, and how can we improve... because if we aren't making something our Scrapers will love, what's the point?


Join the Community!

This project has never been about money for us - in fact, the three of us have yet to make a cent on the show. We've had to take other work to support ourselves while creating the first season. Our biggest goal at this time is to support ourselves solely by creating content like Act of Faith.


So basically, we're doing Patreon. We want to do it right, though; creating a mutually beneficial experience. On top of streaming season one on the platform, we'll be dropping deleted & extended scenes, bonus material, and behind-the-scenes content. There will also be one-of-a-kind merch, virtual hangouts, community discussion, and we even hope to make exclusive story-driven content for our Scrapers on Patreon. To sum it up: we want to serve you. You snow scrape our hearts and we'll snow scrape yours. Like Joan says, we can all scrape each other! Sign up today by clicking here. Tier one is only $3 a month.


Sign Up for Updates!

Simply use the signup form below. We won't spam you with obnoxious spam, we solemnly swear.  We'll only use it to keep you posted when something relevant is happening. It's the best way to join the community without committing to the Patreon. 

Your Support Means Everything to Us. 

We can't wait to connect with our Scrapers. It's truly an honor and a pleasure to dialogue with you about the show. We're lucky to have you, from the bottom of our hearts.

-Kyle, Jeremy & Dana


Thanks for submitting!

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